Regarding Sample Work

We work directly with our clients to develop custom pieces that suit their style, approach, colors, and feel.  We do everything from serious data laden pieces, to funny and goofy pieces.   It is also important to note that we do not use one client's design for another client in the same area.  If I have designed a piece and I feel it will work again in another area I may offer something similar to another client.  I will never share private information that we discuss, with another client. 

I may share a strategy that has worked for a client (as long as it isn't in the same farm area), but I will never say who I've used the idea with.  I do my best to make you feel as though you are my only client, however, you can also know that I am constantly gathering information and feedback from other agents as to what has been successful for getting listings & buyers.

So that being said, I do not have tons of samples of my work because I do not share the information or concepts without approval from the agent I used it for.  But you can see a few samples on our Pinterest page.  Just click the Pinterest button to be redirected.



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